Hometown: New York, NY

For fans of: Tool, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine

Contact: machdharma [at] gmail [dot] com

Debut Album: Safe Space Released 05/11/2018. 

Singles: 1) S.O.E.S 2) Crimes of the Times 3) Spit

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When one thinks of America’s favorite pastimes, a few immediately come to mind; baseball, hot dogs, bald eagles, beer, scandalously dressed women in big truck commercials, more beer and Rock ’n' Roll. Another pastime is blaming immigrants for everything that’s wrong with the country. And now Americans have one more thing to bitch about, Mach Dharma, a hard rock band with immigrant flavor based in New York City.

Mach Dharma’s music is as diverse as their backgrounds. Gill Alexandre was born in Brazil and moved to Queens, NY at the wee age of one. Andrés Castro, born in Manhattan and raised in Queens, is a Colombian and Ecuadorian mix. Khaled Dajani was born in Saudi Arabia to Palestinian parents that sent him to the U.S. at the age of sixteen. Karim Douaidy was born in France to Lebanese and Syrian parents. He moved to the U.S. when he was twenty years old. After successfully crossing the border, the handsome bunch found each other in New York City in 2016 and connected over their mutual ambition for bringing back what they think is missing from the rock music scene. They promptly began working on their self-expression with their debut album, Safe Space.

Writing music as a band comes with its own set of unique challenges, which most do not survive. Like most Americans, these guys did not agree on everything.  No detail was left unturned and no curse word left unsaid. During production of the album, one of the members was diagnosed with cancer placing a tremendous physical and mental obstacle in their way. That did not stop them from pressing on, making them even more focused and determined. They continue to overcome as a team. 2018 saw the completion of their first album, which they produced, and music video, which they shot entirely on a Samsung Galaxy Android device.  Yet another testament to immigrant resourcefulness.

Safe Space, their debut album, explores the human condition in the modern age. Song lyrics are written through the eyes of different characters, offering an aggressive yet mindful perspective. The band cites influences such as Tool, Alice in Chains and Rage Against the Machine. Basically, all of Satan’s favorite bands.

For rock fans seeking a fresh modern sound with a little spice, Mach Dharma has the secret sauce. These four self-proclaimed “brown dudes” plan on infiltrating the scene and bringing their vibes to the masses.  Safe Space is available everywhere and anywhere you have internet on 05/11/2018



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